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Welcome! Thank you for your feedback!
Welcome! Thank you for your feedback!
Updates on your Feedback
Welcome! Thank you for your feedback!

We are currently at the end of Phase 3 of 3 of the Ten-Year Action Plan’s timeline.

Your ideas and insight helped us prioritize goals and identify areas of strength, concern, and potential growth in the field. View a summary of the participation in the engagement, a map showing where participants were from, and a word cloud that captures key words identified by MindMixer participants during our Nov-Dec 2014 engagement.

A draft Ten-Year Urban Forestry Action Plan is currently in development -- which we will share with you and ask for your feedback. Stay tuned!

For more background on key issues that emerged during Phase One, view the full Key Issues Report.

- To learn more about this project, visit www.urbanforestplan.org.

- If you have any questions about the project, email us at urbanforestplan@virginia.edu
Thank you for contributing your ideas for the next Action Plan!

More Info:
Urban Forestry Action Plan Website

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